ChristianInspirationalBooks.com was created by Bill Dyer, who grew up in Jacksonville, Florida. In 1988, while working for DuPont Explosives, he was robbed and shot during a robbery at an ATM. Years later this experience led him to share his story in prisons, with the hope that it may prevent someone else from becoming a victim of crime. While attending Hood Theological Seminary in 2010, he felt compelled to lead a Christian faith based restorative justice program in prisons.

Since that time, he has facilitated programs in North Carolina and Florida, leading an evidence based, in-custody restorative justice program that enables victims and offenders to have an active role in our justice system. In this setting, God creates a space for victims and offenders that furthers healing and reconciliation, helps to restore victims and communities, and stresses offender accountability as a critical component of rehabilitation to increase the chances of successful re-entry.

As a result of the transformation that Dyer has experienced in programs, along with crime victims and offenders, he created this website as a way to promote learning, healing, and growth that is available through reading books and learning from the expertise and experiences of other people.

This is why ChristianInspirationalBooks.com provides a list of other books that Christians may like as they deepen their faith and grow in Christ, and highlights Doing Time With God for those who would like to look through a "window" to see what it's like to participate in faith-based restorative justice circles in prisons. In addition, the reflection questions for each chapter of Doing Time With God enable the reader to apply important teachings to her/his life.